Stainless Secondary Heads

Manufactured in various profiles, these heads have achieved rapid acceptance for their durability and versatility in handling all types of material. All sizes are available for either setting up a new airseeder rig or upgrading an old system.

C - Conical Head - General Purpose

  • Outlets facing down at 30°
  • Standard Raycol Rubber Cap (RC150)
  • Maximum no. of outlets 13 in 25mm and 32mm.



D - Horizontal Outlets

  • Suitable for short risers.
  • Standard Raycol Rubber Cap (RC150)
  • Maximum no. of outlets 15 in 25mm.
  • Maximum no. of outlets 13 in 32mm.


E - Top Entry

  • Available in up to 13 outlets in 25 or 32mm.





F - Multi-Functional

  • Outlets facing down at 20°.
  • Primary or secondary application.
  • Available with 15 and 16 outlets in 25mm or 32mm.
  • Standard Raycol Rubber Cap (RC150).


Note: All heads, excluding type E, are supplied with Raycol Rubber Caps (RC150), additional caps can be purchased separately.

Please use the following part number system when placing an order:

SS C, D, E or F 
Inlet size (45, 50, 63 or 76mm)
Number of outlets as per your requirements 
Outlet Size (25, 28, 32 or 35mm)
Example: SS C 76 10 32